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Tie plate, also called sole plate or baseplate, made of steel, is used between the rails and sleepers to enlarge the bearing touching area. Rail tie plates are not only used to support the rails, but also to fix the entire rail fastening systems. It works together with anchor bolts or spikes to sustaining the load of rail tracks and transferring a part of load to the tie sleeper, guarantee the vertical alignment with a stationary smooth surface and hold the rail in the correct gauge.

AGICO manufactures all types of baseplates suitable for various rail sections, for use on wooden, steel or concrete sleepers and ballast-less tracks used with elastic fastenings on wooden sleepers and other fastening system. Our tie plate can be made to suit various rail section, i.e. UIC 60, UIC 54, RN 45, 90 A, etc. And our products following standards of AREMA, UIC, BS and others, with either single shoulder plates or double shoulder plates according to customer requirements.


We use the most popular casting technique both China and abroad for producing. Furthermore , in recent years, AGICO is the first company in China to try rolling processing onto baseplate production. Up to now, we have successfully manufactured dies for 11", 14" and 14-3/4" rail tie plates, and both for 5-1/2" and 6" rail bases. Some more varieties are under negotiation with the clients as well. Based on this, we received orders for rolling tie plates with total weight over 3,000tons. Of course, tie plate production by forging are also available at AGICO company.

Types of Rail Tie Plates:

We have different types of sole plates,We can classify tie plate according to single shoulder or single shoulder.

  •  Single Shoulder Tie Plates

single shoulder rail tie plates

For the sole plate of single shoulder, the shoulder is designed at the field end of the plate. The plate’s short end or gauge end is placed inside of the rail track, and that why the rail base width is always required from clients.It is usually in the rails which weight ranges from 56lb to100 lb.

  •  Double Shoulder Base Plates

double shoulder rail tie plates

AGICO have different types of double shoulder tie plates, including 2-hole, 4-hole, 5-hole, 6-holes or 8-hole all are available.This baseplate is mainly applied for the rails larger than 100lb.

  • Casting Rail Tie Plate

types of rail tie plates
Name Type Material Standard refers
casting rail tie plate Applicable of rail UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail,S49 and size as ordered QT500-7 or QT450-10 (low carbon steel or high carbon steel by forging, and low carbon steel S275JR, Q235,etc. by rolling.) Standard refers: UIC864-6
  • Specifications of Popular Rail Tie Plate

Type Dimension Holes Incline Rail Weight(Kg)
Rph 1/160 345/285/127/160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,86
Rp 01/01/160 345/285/127/160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 7,70
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 36,3 (2x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,55
Rph 1/210 FVZ 345/285/127x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 49/S 54 10,69
Sph 1(a) 345/350/127x410x15/13 Ø 26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 20,60
Rph 6/160 370/310/152x160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 8,44
Rph 6/210 370/310/152x210x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 11,32
SZ 60 370/350/152x420x15/13 Ø 26 (8x) 1:40 UIC 60 22,73
Rph 11 Ü 664/554x160 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 S 54 15,37
Rph 13 Ü 690/570x160 Ø 26 (4x) 1:40 UIC 60 15,27
Rpo 5 345/285/127x160x15/13 Ø 26 (4x) 1:20 S 49/S54 8
 We also produce all types of tie plates according to customer’s drawings.If you need the railroad tie plates, please contact us.
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