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Rail anchors or anticreepers are spring steel clips that attach to the underside of the rail baseplate and bear against the sides of the sleepers to prevent longitudinal movement of the rail, either from changes in temperature or through vibration.We manufacture different types of rail anchor products.The rail anchors are used where the fastening system requires an extra creep resisting arrangement.There are various shapes of the anchor which is made of rolled bars of various section.When driven in the rail ,the railway anchors grips the rail firmly and when set against sleepers,resists longitudinal movement of the rail caused by passing trains.

rail anchor

AGICO is a professional rail anchors manufacturer in China. The quality parameters of our rail anchor are as per with the international standards and all are readily available in a considerable quantity at all times.

Features of AGICO Rail Anchor:

1. Distribute creeping loads evenly;
2. Eliminate sleeper chewing and climbing;
3. Deliver largest sleeper bearing area;
4. Provide full rail base contact;
5. Compatible with all rail anchor application track machinery;
6. Filed proved and Class I approved;
7. Available in Standard and Heavy Duty styles

Main Types of Rail Anchors

Rail anchors are used in 50Kg, 85Kg, 90/91LB, 115RE /136RE, UIC54 and UIC60 rail, and so on. We can produce T or V-shaped rail anchors or customers special reservation.
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Rail Anchor
Type used in 50Kg, 85Kg,90/91LB, 115RE /136RE ,UIC54 & UIC60 rail or other types upon customers’ drawings.
Material 60Si2MnA 45# QT500-7
Chemical composition(10%) C:0.56-0.64 C:0.42-0.50 C:3.60-3.80
Mn:0.60-0.90 Mn:0.50-0.80 Mn:≤0.6
Si:1.60-2.00 Si:0.17-0.37 Si:2.50-2.90
Cr:≤0.35 Cr:≤0.25  
P:≤0.03 P:≤0.035 P:≤0.08
S:≤0.03 S:≤0.035 S:≤0.025
Surface plain (oiled),color painting
Standard refers AS1085.10-20002 , DIN, ISO-9001

Technical specifications of rail anchors

Generally speaking, based on our former production experience, most common material for rail anchor production is 60Si2MnA, which is often used for rails such as 50kg, 70lb, 80lb, 90/91lb and so on.
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Type Material Weight(g/pc)
50kg 60Si2MnA 800
70LB 60Si2MnA 800
85LB 60Si2MnA 800
90/91LB 60Si2MnA 800

Rail Anchors for Russia Market : High Grade Ductile Iron Castings

russian rail anchors

The Russian rail anchor is a kind of casting product used in the construction of railway. It is made of QT400-15 materials. Its mechanical properties in the as-cast state are fully compliant to the TOCT 7293-85.
With our own R&D department, we have succeeded and continue to produce new rail anchor according to our customers' requests. If you are interested in railway materials and components, please contact us and we always offer the professional help to meet your needs.
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