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The Important Role of Rail Clip in Railway Track

Rail elastic clip is used to fasten the rails to the underlying base plate together with the concrete sleeper. Through the track bending, the pressure acts on the track. To ensure the reliability and integrity of connection between steel rails and track. Rail clips provide an important guarantee for the safety of the vehicle, and in addition, the Rail elastic clips have to withstand various forces such as bending, torsion, impact, fatigue and corrosion, so AGICO is very strict on producing and performance processing of the elastic rail clips.

rail elastic clip

AGICO is a Trustworthy Railroad Clips Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of railroad fasteners, we supply spring clip with the top-class quality and the most competitive price.

We use optimum quality raw materials to produce rail clip, to make sure high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. And our products can be customized according to clients' requirement.

More importantly, AGICO has a highly efficient, professional team to serve you, that will save your time and technology costs. AGICO team is highly specialized and has high sense of responsibility, it will reduce risks and make you satisfied.

6 Reasons for Choosing AGICO

Approved by the Ministry of railways, AGICO railway clips have passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and international famous authoritative certification body SGS international third party certification.

  • AGICO has the largest production base to produce varieties of elastic rail clip in China.
  • 5 million pieces per month production capacity, with short delivery time.
  • Meticulous product design, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Using high quality spring steel, strictly according to the quality and technical requirements of production, with optimized   price.
  • Customization according to the drawings or samples to ensure customer satisfaction.
all kinds of rail clips
Model Diameter Weight Material
Type III Ø 18 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1609 Ø 16 0.43kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1809 Ø 20 0.61kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1813 Ø 18 0.62kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2001 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2007 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2009 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2039 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2055 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2056 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2063 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR85 Rail Clip Ø 13 0.25kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR309A Ø19 0.85kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR401 Ø 20 0.97kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR415 Ø 20 0.95kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR601A Ø 20 1.03kg/pc 38Si7
SKL 1 Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 3 Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 12 Ø 13 0.53kg/pc 38Si7
SKL 14 Ø 13 0.53kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Special Rail Clip Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Russia Rail Clip Ø 18 0.58kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Deenik Clip Ø 25 0.49-0.68kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Single Anti-theft Ø 20 0.25kg/pc 60Si2MnA

Process procedures of rail clips:

process procedures of rail clips
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